Genghis the Painter
Painting Cambridge, Massachusetts since 1969 and not done yet.

Home phone: 617-864-5865

"Genghis is the best there is. When he paints it, it stays painted."
     -Paul Sussman, Chef
      Back Deck

"Genghis's work is top-notch. Attention to detail is his forte. He has painted my home and 2 apartments I rent out. I can't recommend him highly enough!"
     -Christine Wichers, Lawyer

"Genghis is the first person I think of when someone asks me if I can refer them to a good painter. I can always count on him to do an excellent job."
     -Maureen Ahern, Broker
      Hammond Real Estate

"It was a pleasure to work with Genghis. He not only does excellent work, but he is long on integrity."
     -Catherine Davy, Dean of Arts and Sciences
      Bentley College [Moved to University of Michigan]

"There must be four layers of paint put on by Genghis in my house over the years. Each layer I'm sure is perfect underneath; it's just that I keep changing my mind. -And the top layer of course is perfect. Is this laying it on too thick?"
     -Carol Monica, Owner
      The Games People Play

Genghis Lapointe   PO Box 7   Cambridge MA 02140

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